Issues Bobby Cares About

Ethics & Transparency

The current council with the exception of Mayor Kautz and Mike Sabbagh voted to strengthen the Ethics policy of the city to stop the frivolous and hurtful accusations made about anyone serving. I believe in a strong ethics process and punishment for those who abuse the office they hold.


I voted to lower our millage rate over the past 2 years and will continue to support only collecting what we need to operate and not just collect and spend. No need to burden our taxpaying citizens and add unnecessary fees and spend wastefully. I believe in lower taxes and limited government. My opponent believes in raising taxes.

Our Metal Rivers / or what we commonly refer to Hwy 78 & 124

The landscape of Snellville will forever change with the coming of the Continuous Flow Intersection or CFI for short. Click to see how it works..... Snellville needs to be ready to embrace this change and redevelop areas for the affected businesses to locate vs. lose them to other cities. The Town Center Plan addresses those needs and with a strong council vision , forethought and follow through, we can maintain our " Small Town" feel while moving forward as the vibrant growing city. I will work with private business and state / local governments to make this a success.

Public Safety

As the old saying goes.......People go where they feel safe! Snellville is no exception. Our citizens safety is very important and I believe we should continue to equip our police with the tools necessary to protect everyone in our city...resident and visitor alike. I will continue my ride along program so I can have a "boots on the ground" understanding of what our men and woman go through to "Protect and Serve".

Bobby Howard

Candidate Forum

October 29nd, 2013
Tuesday 7:00p - 9:00p
So.Gwinnett High School
2288 East Main St.
Snellville,Ga 30078

Nov 5th, 2013
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