Bobby vs. his opponent
(information taken from campaign material)


My opponent…
"supports the expansion of the Evermore CID to aid in the extension of the widening of Highway 78 through Snellville. Dexter believes that more money needs to be allocated to services for the citizens such as the paving of Snellville's deteriorating streets and sidewalk improvements that actually lead to somewhere."

Simply stated.... My opponent would raise business owner taxes and support his brothers efforts to do so. Conflict of interest...Maybe so?

What Bobby believes........... I voted to lower our mileage rate over the past 2 years and will continue to support only collecting what we need to operate and not just collect and spend. No need to burden our taxpaying citizens and add unnecessary fees and spend wastefully. I believe in lower taxes and limited government. My opponent believes in raising taxes and spending more.

Public Safety-

My opponent…
"As an alumni of the Snellville Citizen Police Academy, Dexter knows that we have a excellent police department and fine officers. However, the City of Snellville must have more than great police officers. The Snellville City Council must also provide the resources necessary to support those officers such as updated computers and video cameras in every patrol vehicle so that the Snellville Police Department can run effectively, efficiently and safely."

What Bobby believes...........I have consistently supported our Police Department with the latest technology. The challenges arise with the speed in which technology grows and outpaces our desire to keep up (and budget allocations). As the old saying goes.......People go where they feel safe! Snellville is no exception. Our citizen's safety is very important and I believe we should continue to equip our police with the tools necessary to protect everyone in our city...resident and visitor alike. As I am also an Alumni of the Snellville Citizens Police Academy, I will continue my ride along program so I can have a "boots on the ground" understanding of what our police officers encounter daily in order to "Protect and Serve".

Open Government-

My opponent believes…
"that elected officials serve the citizens of Snellville. He believes that the City Council needs to listen to the voice and concerns of the people. As a retiree, Dexter plans on holding regular opportunities for the citizens of Snellville to meet with him and discuss their concerns."

What Bobby believes...........My opponent would not even agree to a flexible "you pick the date" candidate forum being organized by the Snellville Patch. An event that would allow us to present an open debate with all the citizens of Snellville. If Dexter refuses to participate in public forums prior to being elected, how can the voters believe or depend on him to be accessible after by holding "Town Hall" meetings? Bobby has hosted Coffee with Council for 2 years. Additionally, Bobby can be found attending or assisting at the majority of city events and functions. Bobby is a permanent fixture to the public-at-large!


My opponent…
"Restoring integrity and ethics to the Snellville City Council is of the utmost importance. The citizens of Snellville deserve to have a Council of the most upright citizens. Dexter, supports the creation of a neutral ethics board to hear ethics complaints brought by the Citizens of Snellville against members of the City Council instead of allowing the Council to make politically motivated attacks against one another."

What Bobby believes...........The current council, with the exception of Mayor Kautz and Mike Sabbagh, voted to strengthen the city's ethics policy and stop frivolous and hurtful accusations made about our public officials. I believe in a strong ethics process and punishment for those who abuse the office they hold.

Candidate Forum

October 29nd, 2013
Tuesday 7:00p - 9:00p
So.Gwinnett High School
2288 East Main St.
Snellville,Ga 30078

Nov 5th, 2013
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YES For Bobby


bobby howard